If you have pets, and you have a power of attorney, or need a power of attorney, feel free to use the language below as a modification to ensure your pets and domestic animals can be cared for by your agent:

My agent shall have the authority to care for and provide food, shelter and medical care for any domestic animal living in my home, or within any real property I own. My agent shall be authorized to utilize my assets to pay for any and all ordinary and necessary expenses for food, medicine, supplies, veterinary care, grooming, bathing, boarding, walking, and recreational activities, including day care expenses. If necessary, my agent shall have the authority to take emergency and temporary possession and custody of any such animals, so that all such animals will receive the same standard of health, care and welfare as would be provided under my care. This agency also authorizes all licensed animal health care practitioners, veterinarians, and other persons who are providing care to such animals to discuss any confidential communication with my agent. Such provider shall also provide complete patient records, including health and vaccination history, examination and test results, reports, or other information to my agent.

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