Community Medicaid – At Home Medicaid Assistance – Nolfo McKenna, Albany NY

It is a very common misperception that Medicaid is only available for individuals in a nursing home. Community Medicaid is Medicaid assistance for those individuals who want to stay at home but need additional care and services. The qualification procedure for community Medicaid is different and more relaxed than for Medicaid in a residential facility. […]

Nolfo McKenna – Probate in New York: Exposing the Myths Part 2 – Albany, NY

Probate Part 2 Serving as an Executor What is involved if you are named as an Executor under a Last Will and Testament? An executor is considered a fiduciary under the law, and with that title comes specific responsibilities. An Executor must act in the best interest of the estate, and follow the decedent’s instructions […]

Nolfo McKenna – Probate in New York: Exposing the Myths Part I – Albany, NY

Many people in New York cringe when they hear the word PROBATE. Wills, court, inheritance, will contests and lawyers are only some of the negative words often associated with probate, which can often be a relatively simple court process. Many of the probate proceedings I have submitted in Albany NY, Rensselaer NY, Saratoga NY and […]

Lifetime Gifts – Estate Tax NY – Nolfo McKenna Albany NY, Saratoga NY

I wish you all a holiday season filled with peace, joy and happiness. As we approach the end of the calendar year, most of us inevitably look back on what we have accomplished this year, and what remains undone. Here are a few items to consider; 1. Last Will and Testaments and Trusts– If you […]

Estate Planning Steps from Nolfo McKenna – Albany NY, Saratoga NY

Your passing will be a difficult time for your family and friends. How can you help your loved ones implement your wishes after you pass away?  There are several ways to ease the organizational burden:   Pre-Plan Your Final Arrangements -Many people have discovered a pre-planned funeral is an excellent way to ensure their wishes will be […]