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Your passing will be a difficult time for your family and friends. How can you help your loved ones implement your wishes after you pass away?  There are several ways to ease the organizational burden:  

  • Pre-Plan Your Final Arrangements -Many people have discovered a pre-planned funeral is an excellent way to ensure their wishes will be carried out.  You should visit at least two different facilities, compare costs and discuss your wishes with an experienced professional.  There are those who want a religious service, and although this cannot always be prearranged, you may be able to determine some of the content of the service, and create a list with your detailed plan for those whom you trust to carry out your wishes.
  • Create A Family Tree – This can be a wonderful legacy for future generations, as well as a helpful tool for your estate.  You can create your geneology through research or on line if you need some assistance.  After your passing, the family tree is available should a search for heirs arise.
  • Identify Your Assets – Create a listing of your assets including bank accounts, insurance policies, retirement accounts, investments and any collections you have.  Be sure and include the name of the institution and the account number of each item.  This will be extremely helpful, as often there are assets unknown to family members.
  • Safe Deposit Box -This can be a valuable tool for many items, but not for your Last Will and Testament .  Your will should be in a place the named executor or executrix can access easily.  Some clients prefer to leave their original will in the safe of the attorney’s office.
  • Organize Your Important Documents – Keep copies or originals of titles, deeds, notes, mortgages, insurance policies and other identifying information together in a safe place.
  • Discuss Your Plan with Your Loved Ones– Let your family and other chosen individuals know what you want, and how you want your property distributed.  Often, if you have certain wishes that may be contrary to one of your loved one’s wishes, discussing it beforehand will prevent a disagreement or contest in the future.

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